SS - Solenoid Controlled Key Switch

The SS unit is used where the key(s) need(s) to remain trapped until an electrical signal has been received.  

SS-B - Solenoid Controlled Key Switch (back of board)

SS-F - Solenoid Controlled Key Switch (in enclosure)

  • Direct drive operation - positively opens contacts.
  • Suitable for machines with a run down cycle.
  • The standard sequence is:
    • Solenoid de-energised - Key Trapped
    • Solenoid energised - Key Free (other sequences available upon request).
  • Special switch ratings, solenoid voltage and/or contact arrangements available on request.
  • Solenoid monitoring contacts as standard.
  • Mild steel painted enclosure (SS-F)
  • IP66 Option Available.

The approvals below apply only to the switch!

SS - Solenoid Controlled Key Switch
Mechanical Trapped Key Interlocks
Enquire Use Configurator


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