Near Misses or Accidents on your Machinery?

The Fortress Interlock Extracted Key Adaptor uniquely forces extraction of the safety key for added peace of mind.  The extracted key adaptor also provides additional functionality to the robust safety key module, ensuring that the key cannot be turned and left in place and an actuator be released.  The safety key can be used by operatives to retain on their person to ensure that any access points cannot be closed and re-started while working in a hazardous area.

  • The key being turned and left in place in a safety lock could lead to inadvertent start-up of machinery, the forced removal of the safety key gives additional protection and peace of mind of the safety of your employees.
  • The Extracted Key Adaptor is available in our robust ranges amGardpro, amGardS40 (IP69K) and mGard.
  • Additional safety keys can be released following the forced extraction of the initial key, allowing you to protect multi users at one time.
  • Utilises the CL lock which has over 200,000 unique combinations meaning no matter how big or small your system you can benefit from the market leading design of the extracted key adaptor.
  • Also available with a padlockable dustcover to work in line with your lockout procedures.

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