How can installation and wiring costs be reduced for devices only available in hardwired options?

Fortress Interlock’s proNet range provides an Ethernet based networking capability between PLCs and safe + non safe I/O. Ethernet IP’s CIP Safety (AB CIP) and Profisafe for Profinet are the supported industrial protocols. 

Fortress proNet Control Stations are configurable network solutions aimed at reducing the cost of installation/ownership of bespoke fabrications with hardwired control functionality. 

It is expected that the costs associated with wiring time, panel building, panel space and the purchasing of enclosures, IO modules, terminals, multicore cables, industrial connectors for the safety switches, sensors and interlocks can be avoided. 

Individual part numbers for specification requirements can be generated via the Fortress configurator for ease of ordering. Units arrive ready to be plugged into the network via quick disconnects.

Control and safety communication are transmitted over a single Ethernet cable plugged into the Fortress Unit. 3 dual channel safety inputs are supported with 1 dual channel safety output. 

An example application of this functionality for machine guarding is two safety switches and an E-Stop connected to a single proNet module. Non-safe I/O can be expanded up to requirements.

The proNet module also houses an integrated network switch to allow daisy chain connections to other Ethernet network devices. Power can also be daisy chained to other Ethernet or hardwired devices.

Functional Limits

  • 3 Safety Inputs, 1 Safety Output
  • Standard Internal I/O is Extendable Up To 32 Inputs & 32 Outputs
  • Standard External I/O is Extendable Up To 16 Inputs & 16 Outputs – This allows 2 x 8 Pin quick disconnects for tower lights (or other I/O) and for 2 x 12 Pin quick disconnects containing safety and standard I/O to interlocks or other safety devices. 
  • Total Power Input limit to a proNet Control Stations is 2 Amps. (Non Power Over Ethernet Versions)
  • 550mAmps of Power Output is available per External I/O Quick Disconnect – Enough to power an amGardpro Solenoid Gate Switches from each Control Station QD
  • Bit Assignment Available from Configurator. Get In Contact with Fortress to find out more. 
  • EDS / GSDML Files Provided for Integration

Next Steps